ZOOM-IN Panel Discussion: Exhibit “U”

Following the dynamic and informative Zoom-In Panel Discussion Copyright (or Wrong?)about photographers’ rights and copyright laws in Lebanon led by our great panel of speakers, we’re excitedly preparing for our second panel discussion within this same series. This time it’s all about photography exhibitions and how YOU can showcase your work to a public!

Forget about Exhibit A, B, C, .. We want to focus on Exhibit U! Preparing for an exhibition is no easy feat, especially if you’re still new at it, so learn from various experts in the field about the different aspects to consider as well as upcoming trends to watch out for to make your work really stand out. This is your chance to find out the nitty-gritty about showing your photographs to the world and how you can improve the quality of your next exhibition.

Coming soon!

Just to give you a bit of a sneak peek about what to expect, the panel will involve speakers with the following backgrounds:

  • Exhibition Curator
  • Professional Printing and Framing Company
  • Exhibition Space / Gallery Representative
  • Art Critic (in Media)
  • Professional Photographer(s)
This panel will also be moderated by our very own Arek Dakessian – a talented photographer and active BSP member who’s also involved with us in planning this event.
Interested in being a speaker and sharing your knowledge with others – or – know someone who would fit any of the roles above? Then please contact us at info@beirutstreetphotographers.org before May 18, 2012. Speakers will have a chance to present individually for around 10-15 minutes about their area of expertise with helpful tips for the audience followed by an engaging, informal discussion and a Q&A session with the public.

More information coming soon!


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