Street Photo of the Week #48

What differentiates one photographer from an another is what they, themselves, bring to the table. It’s a combination of their way of seeing the world and the things that spark their interest that end up triggering them to click that button. We invariably see a lot of the photographer in their photographs and/or projects they pursue. That in and of itself transforms into the magical word called “style”. Have you ever looked at a photograph and knew through just that glance who the photographer behind it was? There you go.

“There are two people in every photograph: the photographer and the viewer” – Ansel Adams

Inspired by that underlying message and that quote (taken quite literally), we wanted to see how creatively photographers from our community could get “into” their photographs to reveal a side of their own personalities in a kind of self-portrait exercise. Check the full album here.

There were many amazing shots this week (one of the best themes of the week submissions so far!) and choosing just one was very difficult for us. The following by Marc Barkowski stood out for us because, in essence, it represents the street photographer and their way of looking at the world from outside-in:

By Marc Barkowski

The richness of details combined with the framing lends to multiple interpretations. Each time I look it at, I notice something new. Most interesting of all is that the photographer is framed but then serves as the bigger frame through which we see the inside of the room.

We should all aspire to find our own voice through photography and put ourselves in our shots so-to-speak because that’s the only way your work will really stand out among the countless others out there. We’ll leave you with that closing message and look forward to seeing the world through your lens (as corny as that may sound).


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