Street Photo of the Week #49

Doors can be quite a teaser for the photographer, especially when you can only catch but a small glimpse of what’s behind them. Additionally, doors create an interesting divide between inside and out, which can factor into the composition by adding more depth in the perspective of the shot. Depending on the side of the door you’re shooting from, you can tell a different story with your photograph. Are you peering into the door and showing us something going on inside the door we wouldn’t normally notice? That’s one approach and there are countless others.

For this week’s theme, photographers from our community shared doors in all forms and perspectives. While some zoomed in on the different aspects of the door itself to show us its details, others took a more narrative approach to what a door can represent both compositionally and in the abstract sense. Check out the full album for the “Doors” theme here.

One shot that stood out for us was the following by one of our international friends Fokko Muller:

By Fokko Muller

The contrast between inside and out really guides the viewer to explore the scene unfolding. The bright yellow color and the stenciled bicycles coming together at the door work really well in heightening the moment unfolding. What do you think the little child inside is thinking in there? It leaves the viewer wondering..

What do you think about this shot and what else caught your eye about it?


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