Street Photo of the Week #50

Photojournalist Robert Capa once famously declared “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” and for many street photographers, the same principle applies. No doubt that getting close takes an extra dose of courage and confidence on the photographer’s part (a great example of this fearless approach here) but it’s a risk one should be willing to take to bring us, the viewers, closer to the subject matter as well. Those are oftentimes the most powerful shots you can take.

Whether it’s getting closer to interesting strangers on the street or getting closer to other details around you that tell a story, it’s a challenge that photographers can overcome with enough on-the-street practice and – of course – guts. Getting closer also allows you to extend your limitations and develop your personal style or voice. After all, how many of us wouldn’t mind becoming a more fearless street photographer?

This week’s theme “Up Close” was meant to encourage just that and we got some interesting close-ups, which you can check out in our album right here. One of our favorites was the following by Sandra which utilized the close up to add a whole other dimension to the scene unfolding ahead of her:

By Sandra Arslanian

Besides being a well-composed shot with interesting details, the photograph speaks to viewers on different levels, especially right now with the current state of Lebanon where unity is much-needed.

Congrats to Sandra who’ll also be receiving a small gift from us to help her get just a little bit closer! (that’s a huge hint right there)

What did you think of this shot? Share your thoughts with us too!


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