Street Photo of the Week #51

Time – there never seems to be enough of it, right?

Time is the most valuable currency we have at our disposable as time lost is time we’ll never get again. Time is elusive like that and we, as photographers or non-photographers alike, are constantly chasing it down to capture more of it through memories, photographs or other souvenirs of its passing.

With photography, timing is essential and something we’re able to freeze temporarily. Timing is actually just about everything, whether it’s catching a shot you know you’ll never have the opportunity to catch again or something you patiently wait to unfold towards perfection before hitting the button on your camera to snap it away. And when that moment comes, all that waiting is that much more rewarding. Time is also what inspired pioneer Henri Cartier-Bresson to coin the term “The Decisive Moment” that we’re all familiar with.

Time can also take on a more personal or abstract form. We can sense its passing through gaps or frozen moments that only our lenses can capture at times. What we each regard as time and our expression of it differs. For some of us right now, time is passing by very slowly as we anticipate future plans whereas for others, time is flying by too quickly and we’re struggling to stay in the moment. What does time mean to you readers?

For this week’s theme, we opened the door to multiple interpretations of what “Time” means to each of us in the BSP community. The full album of entries shared are here.

The photograph we chose to feature is the following by Ziad Naamani:

By Ziad Naamani

This shot perfectly captures a moment of anticipation and waiting as the boy stands by the street ice cream vendor. Something is about to happen, whether it’s the vendor handing him a cone or the boy walking away realizing they don’t have the flavor he wants (for example). The composition leads your eye to what’s beyond the frame which adds to this build-up of time and what’ll unfold next.

What do you think of this photography? We’d love to hear your thoughts and personal takes on what makes this shot interesting.


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