Street Photo of the Week #52

Looking back at the week that’s passed, take a minute to reflect on how many conversations you’ve had (approximately). How many of those conversations do you remember so clearly you can hear the other person’s exact words and how many not so much? How many of them were very important and serious, that you didn’t enjoy, but were part of your job? How many conversations this week were fun and light-hearted with lots of laughs in between? Did you have any with little or few words (the silent treatment) but somehow a message got across?

Taken from an outside perspective, how many conversations did you overhear on your way to work, in the elevator, in the restaurant or other public spaces? Try this experiment out for a day and observe the process of human interaction through conversation – I’m sure you’ll learn some pretty surprising/interesting things about the people around you.

Conversation is essential to human interaction and it’s happening all around us, practically all the time (otherwise it’d be pretty quiet). Without even hearing the words being exchanged, you can get the gist of what the conversation is about through clues reflected by the context and, most importantly, the body language of the people. Is one person leaning away from the other? Is he/she using hand gestures to emphasize the story their telling? Etc. All are interesting little details that can paint a bigger picture to the observer and create a secondary story when captured by camera.

This week’s theme “Conversation” was certainly a conversation-started and received a great response from the community. Check out the full album here. Our favorite? The following by Carine:

By Carine Assaf

It’s always refreshing to see street photographs in color that work so well and Carine was able to set a beautiful backdrop to the conversation taking place between the two men with the warm hues. You instantly get a sense of time and place through the photograph. This moment can be opened to multiple interpretations: What do you think the two men are talking about? What is their tie – are they brothers? friends? cousins? neighbors? ..

Share you interpretations with us here!


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