Street Photo of the Week #53

This week’s theme, “The Beauty of Everyday Objects”, was quite self-explanatory but that didn’t mean it was not challenging. How does one capture an object that’s used on a daily basis, with often little regard, from a new perspective to highlight “beauty” of all things?

Throughout the week, we received interesting photographs from our community that succeeded in that. Check out the full album here. Although we had plenty of favorites and it was a hard choice (it gets tougher each week!), one of the photographs that we found quite unexpected and creative was the following by Marianne. After all, how many of us would look at a power switchboard as something “beautiful”? She obviously did.

By Marianne Zammaria

The wall in this shot becomes a canvas unto which the different elements “collage”, adding contrast to help them stand-out. Although upon first sight many of us might consider this situation an eye sore (through too many power boxes haphazardly arranged, clumped wires that might be a danger and blatant in-your-face advertising), if you reflect on the arrangement, there is something poetic there and knowing how to capture it is where the magic is.

What we really loved about this, besides transforming common perceptions of beauty, is that this segment of a wall can really be anywhere in Beirut which also makes it very representative of our city.


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