Street Photo of the Week #54

“Contrast is what makes photography interesting.” – Conrad Hall

A certain degree of contrast (no matter how minor or drastic) adds definition to a photograph by highlighting key features. By dulling out the less significant elements of a shot that don’t really add much to the overall composition, you make your message that much stronger for the viewer.

For this week’s theme, which was obviously “Contrast”, we left the interpretation open-ended to each photographer in the community. While a few tackled contrast thematically within the subject matter itself (for example, here, here or here), others focussed on contrast in a more visual way to highlight elements in the composition. Both approaches led to interesting results. Check out the full album and let us know your favorites!

One of our favorites from this week’s selection was the following by veteran SPOW winner, Fadi BouKaram, who’s not only a talented street photographer (as we’re sure you’ve already noticed) but who has also managed to change our artistic perceptions of Downtown Beirut through his evocative shots week in, week out.

By Fadi Bou Karam

What do you like about this shot? Do you think the contrast works in favor of the subject matter? Share your thoughts with us!


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