Meet the Speakers for Exhibit “U”

As we excitedly prepare for our second Zoom-In Panel Discussion entitled Exhibit “U” that’ll involve an in-depth discourse with experts in the local scene about photography exhibitions in Lebanon and how to showcase your work to the world, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek of what’s to come by introducing you to our confirmed speakers:

A photographer, architect and reporter, Bassam Lahoud combines his fields of expertise in his teaching position as photography professor at the Lebanese American University, at both the Byblos and Beirut campuses. Next to his educational work, Bassam is also the Chairman of ESCWA Arts Council at the UN, founding member of Prestige Magazine, founder and president of the Lebanese House of Photography, and member of both the Press Photographer Syndicate and Union Catholique Internationale de Presse. He holds a Spanish “Order of the Civil Merit, Grade Commander” from King Juan Carlos of Spain, and the Spanish government. Bassam has had up to 40 exhibitions in Lebanon and internationally. In his own words: “The philosophy of photography, as said in French, is “viser juste and tirer vite”, but I add the artistic feeling to it.”

>> Recent Exhibitions: LAU School of Architecture & Design: “Primitia” Exhibition – INDONESIA through the eyes of Bassam Lahoud – LAU Exhibit Showcases Budding Student Photographers

Born in 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon, Joy Mardini joined TAJAN SA in September 2005 as an intern and became responsible for organizing the “Le Siège dans tous ses Etats” exhibition. She worked on the “Tribute to Julien Levy” sale and on more than 50 other multi-disciplinary sales. She then joined the 20th century decorative arts department at Christie’s Paris, which became her specialty. As for Antiquorum, she worked on the world-renowned Omega sale for more than a year. Back in Beirut by May 2008, she both managed and ran Espace Kettaneh Kunigk, the local sister gallery of Galerie Tanit (Munich), for two years and a half. In December 2011, she launched her own new venture, Art Factum Gallery, and is currently its owner and director.

>> Current Exhibition: Art Factum Gallery and Hamiltons’ Collaborative Double Show

Chirine Lahoud was born in 1985. She left Lebanon when she was young due to the Civil War and spent 20 years in Paris where she studied English and American literature. She has a keen interest in arts – something she got from her mother who is an artist in Paris – and a passion for writing. Every summer, she would visit Lebanon and was curious about living in the country of her origins. After graduating with a M.A. in 2010, Chirine moved back to Lebanon where she’s been working as a reporter in the Arts and Culture division of The Daily Star newspaper.

>> Article Archive: Chirine Lahoud on The Daily Star

Born in Aleppo in 1984, Angelique Sanossian received her BA in Marketing and Business Administration at the Southampton Solent University in England. She studied professional photography at Le Pont Art Gallery in Aleppo in 2004, in addition to “Introduction to Photography” and “Black & White Photography – Darkroom Techniques” at the Arts Institute / Bournemouth University in England in 2005.

“I love photography because it has taught me how to see.. how to admire. It has profoundly changed my perspective on life in order to express my feelings and display humanity with its different cultures using my own lenses; my own eyes.. eventually photography made me become who I am today; a better person”

Angelique has previously participated in the following exhibitions: “NY vs ALEPPO”, a collective exhibition organized by the Armenian society in Aleppo (February 2011); “If Shoes had Eyes + 2” at the Naregasti Art Centre in Yerevan, Armenia (September 2010); “Conversations”, a mutual project in a collaboration with another deaf school in Scotland (2011); “Chain of Years”, a contest/exhibition workshop organized by The British Council of Aleppo on the occasion of their 75th anniversary in Aleppo (2009); First solo exhibition “Conversation”, dedicated to deaf kids, at the Art River Cafe/Gallery in  Aleppo (2009); Collective exhibition organized by Armenian University Youth Association of Aleppo at Levon Shant Hall (2007); “Camera Souk”, a collective photo exhibition at Le Pont Gallery, Aleppo (2007)

>> Website

The panel discussion will involve a few questions addressed to the speakers but a bit part of the discussion will be your input, your questions and your concerns as a photographer. To recommend a speaker or for any questions regarding the discussion, contact us at

Zoom-In Panel Discussion is taking place on July 11, 2012 from 6.30 – 8.30pm at Badguer located on the outskirts of Bourj Hammoud, directly across the bridge from the main Mar Mikhael road. Full event information here and map to venue here.

Registration prior to the panel discussion is highly advised and it takes less than a minute to do at the following link:


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