Street Photo of the Week #56

Did you know that street vending as an occupation has existed for hundreds of years and dates all the way back to Ancient Rome? True story. Street vending also reflects the cities’ historical and cultural heritage by ways of trends and what sells on the street, so-to-speak. Each city or country seems to also have their own signature vending businesses (and characters). When you think of a hot dog stand on the corner of a busy street, to which grand metropolis does your mind wander? How about when you think of a kaak vendor balancing a basket on the top of his/her head?

Street vendors are always finding new ways to compete in the “market”, whether we notice it or not. I’m sure if you visit Achrafieh enough you’ll come to meet its iconic Abou Arab with his red tarboush. That’s just one example. Spotting these particularities helps you connect and identify with a neighborhood in a whole other way – wherever you may live.

Speaking of which, check out this week’s album full of “Street Vendors” from around the world and try to identify where each of them were taken. No two street vendors resembled each other and there were plenty of interesting shots this week.

The SPOW for this week is the following by Nico with its beautiful lighting and reflective mood, placing the street vendor on what appears to be a center of a stage (the street = his shop = his livelihood) with the the trailing cobblestone road around him:

Share your thoughts on this week’s featured photograph below!


3 responses to “Street Photo of the Week #56

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