Street Photo of the Week #59

“Texture photography is any imagery that depends, at least partly, for its impact on the texture of the objects in the image. Texture is defined as the surface detail of an object. This detail can be composed of surface irregularities (such as the wood grain of an old plank) or of small forms on a surface (such as a mass of roots from an ancient tree).. As photographers, we need to create images that have impact, and the proper utilization of texture can add impact to images. When used properly, texture can be just as powerful as bold color, leading lines, or dramatic scenery.” Ron Bigelow explains in his article Texture Photography.

For the past week and a half, the BSP community focused on “Texture” in street photography. The full album of entries is here. We loved the following one by Georgie that utilizes the texture of the bricks as the backdrop and focal point of the scene:

By Georgie Jerzyna Pauwels

The composition is further enriched by the contrast of shades on the wall and the other elements (the man and railings). Although I’d be curious to see this same shot in color, black and white keeps us focussed on the subtlety of this shot.

What do you think of this week’s SPOW? Share your thoughts below:


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