Photography Ink

We all love photography, but how many of us would go as far as getting a photography-related tattoo? Turns out, there are quite a few “inked” street photographers within our very own BSP community who have done it and we came to discover their tattoos last week via our Facebook page.

It’s interesting to see their individual designs and what each means to them. We even spotted some similarities in approach and theme, such as the “Smile” on the finger..

We’re certainly not advocating getting inked unless you’re fully prepared and convinced of it (hey, it’s for the rest of your life and it hurts) but for any of you curious, check these out:

Dhruv Dhakan’s tattoo

Rachel Partamian’s tattoo

Abou Akil’s tattoo by Ahmad Atrabolsi

Mohammed Ali Kansoun’s tattoo

Samir Maktabi’s tattoo

Does anyone else have a tattoo related to photography somehow? Share with us to include in this post.


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