Street Photo of the Week #60

You don’t always need to show the whole picture to tell a great story. Mystery adds intrigue, allowing the viewer to interpret through their own imagination and understanding the parts you don’t show. Give them just enough to get started, like any great teaser campaign, but don’t give too much away.

This week’s “Just a Peek” theme was focused on this mode of experimentation and telling part of the story through street photography. The trickiest part about this theme for our community was finding the balance of just how much to show.

One of our favorites worth highlighting was the following:

Beirut Drive-By found a simple but creative way of giving us that peek while allowing each layer in the shot to still tell a story on its own. In the foreground, you have what is a representation (or left-over) of Lebanon’s war-torn history with bullet marks painting the canvas of the wall that has endured so much. Damaged gives view to bright, organized and new – as is apparent from the peek we’re granted through this viewpoint. The shot has an optimistic message behind it and is rather symbolic.

What do you do you think of this shot? View the full album of entries for this theme here and let us know your favorites.


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