Street Photo of the Week #61

They don’t get us. We don’t get them. When we think of generation gap, the first and widest one that tends to come to mind is the one between us and our parents. Sure, that gap gets smaller as we grow older and come to understand each other more but it’s unavoidable that the passage of time will naturally create such a divide. Old-fashioned makes way for new. Classic makes way for cutting-edge.

We are all a living testament of the here and now but the generation gap will always be relative to the subjects being compared. And to its extremity as well. Comparing a father to his son is one way of capturing this gap but how does that comparison vary when it comes to that same son and his grandfather, for example?

This week we wanted to see how the photographers explored the very essence of “Generation Gap”. Most of the photographers focussed on the gap within families while others got more experimental with the subject in comparison. View full album to see what we’re talking about.

One of the most effective and memorable photographs shared this week was the following by Bushra:

By Bushra Al-Hinai

Her photograph captures the theme and no words are needed to explain any further. It represents the intrinsic bond between parents and their children as the father’s feet surround and symbolically protect those of his young daughter. You don’t even need to see their faces or more of their bodies to get this connection.

What do you think of this shot? Share with us below:


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