Street Photo of the Week #63

Repetition may be boring for some people especially when it’s about doing the same thing over and over.. and over again. True, repetition helps us learn and develop habits but it can also lead to routine (which most of us dread and try to break every once in a while).

When it comes to photography, the repetition of elements in your shots can create visual patterns that are both aesthetic and balanced to look at (or not, if you’re trying to break it, which can also be interesting). It reinforces one idea or concept but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or unoriginal. Repetition occurs around us all the time (in nature, architecture, facial expressions, human behaviors and more) so there’s certainly not a shortage of subject matters.

This week, we asked the community to experiment and share their best street shots on the theme of “Repetition”. The most interesting results were the unexpected ones where repetition wasn’t just about capturing a repeated subject matter but the manner in which the photographer chose to show it to us. Check out the full album here.

One of our favorites was the following:

By Nico Chiapperini

It’s practically impossible to get a crowd of people to do nearly the same thing at once (unless it’s a flash mob maybe) yet the reactions here are nearly all the same and some thing has captured all their attention. We don’t know what that is but their expressions give us small clues and the fact that the majority have their cameras pointed up at “it” reinforces it’s something worth grabbing their attention, and hence, remembering.

Nico did a great job of being there in that exact moment to capture this repeated expression of awe that’s so similar among all the people in the shot yet so personal to each if you focus in on them. Rather than looking towards where the others were looking, he pointed his camera straight at the viewers, which is a refreshing change of perspective.

What do you think of this shot? Share your feedback and thoughts with us:


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