Streets and Faces of Achrafieh

Last week, we were invited by the Discover Achrafieh team to exhibit some photographs from the BSP community at their full-day, car-free street festival in Achrafieh. We jumped at the chance to take part and rushed to get everything ready with less than a week of preparations.

Naturally, all the photographs showcased had to be taken within the Achrafieh neighborhoods (including Gemmayze, Mar Mikhael, etc.) so we launched a mini-contest online to collect as many creative shots from our community as possible within 24-hours. Even with such short notice, we received around 30+ diverse street shots to choose from for inclusion in the unique exhibition.

The top four shots selected from the contest were:

  • “Stick Together” by Sarah Haddad
  • “The Time Machine” by Samar Hawa
  • “La Jeunesse” by Yves Mourtada
  • “Under the Bridge” by In Search of Rhiannon

Other photographs from the BSP community were also included in the showcase and hung along the shutters of an abandoned storefront on the characteristic Abdel Wahab al Inglizi street that day. Click here to see where we were that day.

We had a great time that day, meeting lots of new faces and interacting with passerbys as they checked out the photographs. Achrafieh is a dynamic city but you really come to enjoy it that much more on foot and without the stress of cars zig-zagging every which way. People were relaxed and strolling around us – definitely a day made for street photography!

Friendly faces and passerbys posing with and for the camera

See more photographs from the event in this album and find yours! One of the highlights of the day was certainly the clowns and mimes who knew just how to put a fun spin to our photo props:

Thank you Achrafieh 20/20 (the organizers) for giving us a space to exhibit our work on these colorful streets and looking forward to more car-free days in Beirut!


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