Street Photo of the Week #64

One of the first things all photographer learn about when they’re starting out is the “Rule of Thirds” – an important visual guideline and rule-of-thumb which applies to composing a shot. By splitting the frame into 9 squares and aligning the main subject within the points where the lines cross, the composition becomes more interesting and stronger. Check out some samples of this technique at work here.

As a refresher to the rule for the practiced photographers in our community and a training for the beginners, we selected the “Rule of Thirds” as this week’s theme. We received plenty of entries that revealed different ways one can compose with the shot. View the full album.

Our favorite entry was the following exquisitely well-timed shot by João:

By João Sá Leão

What a lovely capture with so much richness and delicate contrast at its focal point. The photographer knew just where to look in this fast-moving moment.

What do you think of this shot? Do you agree? Check out this week’s theme and take part by sharing your own shots.


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