Street Photo of the Week #65

Working with photographs in a sequence is a challenge, but with enough practice and when used effectively, they can aid in your storytelling. On their own, they may tell one story, but together, they can tell a whole other one. That’s where experimentation is key. How much can you tell in two shots carefully timed?

For this week’s theme of “Before/After”, we were curious to see how photographers from our community would interpret a time lapse between their shots to tell such a story. Although some had reservations about the theme as it was just for one week, the amount of time passing in between could be anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 minutes to 2 weeks to a year. It’s more about the moment captured and the combination of the shots together than the actual time in between.

The entries we received were few, but still very effective. Our favorite was the following by Hugo with a creative ironic twist:

Photo by Hugo Kintzler

Well-timed and seen, the photographer utilized only two subject matters to tell two different stories. The twist in perspective between the shots adds to the irony and humor in this shot. Great job Hugo!


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