Street Photo of the Week #66

The first question you should ask yourself while trying to capture a moving subject is how? Do you want the subject to be focussed with a blurry background or do you want the motion blur to be a part of the story you’re telling? Expressions of Movement is a helpful read that can give you a better idea of techniques you can use for figuring out your approach. 

Movement (like Motion) is our way of pushing that invisible “pause” button on the craziness around us that is life. Photographers from our community did a great job this week of capturing movement in different situations and settings. See the full album of entries here.

One of our favorite frozen moments was the following by Karim (taken in Nepal):

By Karim Sakr

The whole scene is full of activity yet you’re drawn automatically to the two main subjects at the forefront, each expressing movement in a different way. We have the focussed bicyclists, clearly moving but at a leisurely rate, and then we have the pigeon making its upwards trajectory yet frozen in flight. You can clearly tell who’s more in a rush among those two characters.

Timing is everything when it comes to capturing movement and Karim has used it very effectively here, proving also that movement doesn’t need to be dramatic with tons of motion blur. It can be subtle and still have the power to move us.


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