Street Photo of the Week #67

How many of you consider Beirut a “green” city? How many of you have been to a park within our capital recently?

One of the big challenges we’re facing in Beirut is a loss of green (and public) space. Although the rising building developments reflect well on economic growth, we’re sacrificing another important aspect of our city in return for it. Green (in all its forms) is quickly becoming a privilege more than a right and one that we have to actively seek out to find among the rising concrete structures making up our capital.

In support of our friends at Beirut Green Project (BGP) who are fighting for our right to green spaces through their diverse and creative initiatives, we turned to our community to find “Green in the City”. Undoubtedly, it was one of our more exciting themes with more than 35 entries shared in the album and the best part was each one reflected the photographer’s own opinion on this subject (whether consciously or not).

We had several favorites but one of the most memorable ones was the following:

By Tina Maria Jabry

You certainly don’t see this contrast every day and it reflects the citizen taking action into their own hand: “No green space? No problem – I’ll create it on my balcony!”

This photograph speaks volumes about our capital’s need for green. Very well-spotted Tina!


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