Street Photo of the Week #68

What is it that makes a photograph so special? What makes you look at it over and over again? Composition and technique are certainly important aspects of a photo but one thing makes your heart shiver at its sight: the story behind it.

This week’s album was full of lovely stories. One of our personal favorite was Thomas Leuthard’s. What caught our eye in this photo is the mood given by the rain drops on the window, the dreamy effect of the out of focus scene behind the glass and especially the fact that it triggered our curiosity.

Looking at this woman, we can’t but ask ourselves these questions: Where is she sitting? What is she reading? Is it a research? is it a story? What is she thinking of?
And you, what do you see in this photo?

N.B: Thomas Leuthard will be in Beirut for few days starting Saturday, November 3. Follow us on our facebook page if you’d like to join him and the BSP team for some street photography shooting!


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