Street Photo of the Week #69

This week had us “Seeing Double” in more ways than one. While some photographers exploited (in a good sense) a mirror’s capacity to faithfully duplicate its subject for visual effect, others sought out subjects that shared similar attributes to send across a whole other message.

One of the entries (and it took a while to pick just one!) that caught our eye was the following:

By Querformat Fotografie / Achim Katzberg

It might not be the most literal case of “Seeing Double”, as other entries were, but the subtleties of this shot had a strong effect.

The similarities between the two subjects is not tied to how similar they look, but rather through that of their positions and body language: both subjects are looking forward (to somewhere beyond the shot) with their arms crossed in anticipation while also standing in the dark part of their spaces looking towards the light. The duplication is evident and what’s most interesting is how open to interpretation becomes of the shot once you start looking at the differences too..

What do you think of this shot? We want to hear your thoughts too.


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