Street Photo of the Week #73

As I’m writing this, it is raining in Lebanon. And it has been for the past few days quite intensely. That trusty umbrella that you’d had stowed away deep in your coat closet is now right by your side and you cling to it for dear life as you brave the wild weather outside. We certainly put alot of faith in our umbrellas, don’t we?

The streets and entrances of any shop, cafe or restaurant are suddenly loitered by these seasonal guests. For something so basic and universal in function, umbrellas come in quite an assortment of colors, sizes and designs. What’s more interesting is how we interact and use umbrellas. I doubt that any two people hold an umbrella the same way. Some bring it so close to their bodies that you can hardly see their faces while others walk with it so non-chalantly that you wonder if they mind getting wet at all.

For the “Umbrella(s)theme this week, we chose to feature the following by Bjorn:

SPOW73-Bjorn Maletz

Photograph by Bjorn Maletz

A well-timed capture (there’s no denying that), this moment exemplifies our reliance on umbrellas more than we’d like to admit. Even though we don’t see the woman’s face here, we can imagine there’s one thought going through her mind right now: Get me out of this weather!

The contrast of the woman rushing with her umbrella and that of the crowd snuggled under the building’s shelter (not sure the exact name for this) gives the shot a very nice dynamic. The closed umbrella (parasol) of the shop in the background also creates an interesting contrast with the girl in the center of the shot.

Check out this week’s theme album to see just how many ways one could capture “Umbrella(s)” in the street. We hit a record of 49 entries for this one with many stunning shots!


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