Street Photos of the Week #74

General Note: We’re trying a new approach for the SPOW as of the new year to encourage more Lebanese street photographers to take part. We’ll be choosing two street photographs each week for the SPOW– one from an International street photographer and one from a Lebanese one. Feel free to let us know your feedback on whether we should continue with this approach. Thank you!

Ringing in 2013 are our first SPOW entries for the theme “The S-Curve”. While similar to the “Rule of Thirds” as a photographic principle for composing a shot, the s-curve is not as easy to work with beyond the obvious cliches. We didn’t get as many entries as we would’ve expected for this one (proving it was somewhat a challenge to apply on the streets), there were some interesting entries shared.

Check out two shots for this theme that really stood out for us below, noting that we liked how each photographer took their own approach to showing the S-Curve in their shots. Even seeing both shots together yields an interesting contrast.

International SPOW Selection: Photo by Georgie

International SPOW Photo by Georgie Jerzyna Pauwels

Lebanese SPOW Entry: Photo by Roi Saade

Lebanese SPOW Photo by Roi Saade

What do you think of the shots? Share your thoughts with us and let us know your favorites from the theme album here.


2 responses to “Street Photos of the Week #74

  1. The S theme was very interesting by the way, but indeed challenging and maybe not so well understood in my opinion…
    As for the new SPOW approach, I truly honestly believe that our Lebanese street snappers are just as good (and sometimes better) than the ones sending in their work from outside (with all due respect and appreciation to the latter);). Our eye – everyone’s eye – is always subjective and conditioned, esthetically and otherwise, in one way or another… which is how styles, trends and even schools come about. So it’s also a wonderful thing…
    So rather than segregating the SPOW into a ‘lebanese’ section and a ‘foreigners’ section, what I would suggest for the contest is at least to not mention names of photographers when compiling them into the SPOW album of the week (if concealing them prior to that is not possible), which I believe would also invite more enjoyment of aesthetics and other elements in the photography, some discussion, and surely the birth of newer creativity and maybe even ‘Lebanese’ trends in street photos…;).

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