Street Photos of the Week #75

General Note: We’re trying a new approach for the SPOW in the coming weeks to encourage more Lebanese street photographers to take part. We’ll be choosing two street photographs each week for the SPOW– one from an International street photographer and one from a Lebanese one. Feel free to let us know your feedback on whether we should continue with this approach. Thank you!

How many of you reading this regularly use public transport? What do you usually do while on the commute?

Public transport serves an interesting platform for capturing people candidly – and perhaps at their most natural if you’re discreet enough. Why? For most people who don’t see the photographic opportunity, the commute is time basically lost in transition – sort of like the commercial during a TV show you might be watching. Some  read, sleep, get work done or simply stare out at the passing landscape outside.

This week, we were able to experience “Public Transport” and its many representations through your eyes. The collection of entries shared were very strong. We particularly found these two worth highlighting:

Photo by: Kim Landgraf

International SPOW Photo by Kim Landgraf


Lebanese SPOW Photo by HM Eye / Husam Mneimneh

There’s a symmetry evident in both of the shots that reflects the routine aspect of public transport (for say, a daily commute) but each also breaks that symmetry in their own way to tell their own story.

What do you think of the shots? Share your thoughts and let us know your favorites from the complete theme album here.


4 responses to “Street Photos of the Week #75

  1. There’s a popular view that public transport means those modes that are owned and/or operated by government. That’s not a satisfactory definition because all modes have many examples of both private and public ownership. There are also examples where all modes operate without direct subsidy.

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