Street Photos of the Week #76

General Note: We’re trying a new approach for the SPOW in the coming weeks to encourage more Lebanese street photographers to take part. We’ll be choosing two street photographs each week for the SPOW– one from an International street photographer and one from a Lebanese one. Feel free to let us know your feedback on whether we should continue with this approach. Thank you!

One of the first things that probably came to mind when you found out this week’s theme was “Picture in Picture” is probably that nifty feature on your television. How many of you actually use that feature every now and then?

In a broader sense, this week’s theme was a chance to explore that concept and apply it on the streets themselves. It was a challenging one and we didn’t know how many would be interested to take it on, but the BSP community has a way of constantly surprising us with great entries.

The photographs we wanted to feature were the following by Reiner and Ziad:


International SPOW Photo by Reiner Er

Reiner drew a very strong parallel with the two main subjects in his photograph (the man and the boy) through the direction of their gaze. There’s a level of depth accentuated by the lines of the tracks that both layers of the composition complement excellently.


Lebanese SPOW Photo by Ziad Naamani

What was charming about Ziad’s shot is that the first picture in his interpretation of the theme was a drawing (or picture in the traditional sense) and not a photograph as many that were shared were. The setting and the manner in which Ziad discreetly captured this moment are beautiful.

Looking at both photographs together, there is are also certain similarities. It’s interesting how neither reveals the face of the its main subjects and that kind of mystery adds to the timeless quality of both. Can you spot any other similarities?

What do you think of the shots? Share your thoughts and check out the complete album of entries for this theme here.


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