Street Photo of the Week #79

Do opposites really attract?

He loves jazz and she dances on electronic music; he loves books and she prefers outdoor activities. They keep fighting but cannot live without each other. Romantic movies have made us believe that very different people can be attracted to each other and live happily (?) ever after.

But do opposites really attract? No one has been able to answer this question yet, as all depends on personal experience. One thing is sure however: opposites do attract street photographers, just like a butterfly is irresistibly attracted to light. Indeed, opposition and contrast aesthetics are often the main elements that first catch the photographer’s and the viewers’ eyes.

This week’s entries were diverse as each photographer had his own interpretation of the theme: some chose to represent oppositions in geometry and lines, others through their subjects, bodies and movement.

One of the most attractive and interesting entries was the one by Fadi BouKaram:

SPOW#79 Fadi BouKaram

Photo by Fadi BouKaram

This black and white photograph was able to capture a wide variety of oppositions: the contrast produced by the light and shadows of the columns; the vertical and horizontal lines crossing the photo; but also the twist added by the man passing by, in the exact opposite direction of a lost anonymous shadow mysteriously left behind.

All these elements have contributed to transform a simple street photograph into pure street poetry.

Who said opposites can’t do magic?

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