Street Photo of the Week #80

You might recognize this type of pedestrian crossing from the Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road album cover but the appeal behind these black and white markings goes beyond pop culture and can be found all around the world in slight modifications.

When we announced the “Zebra Crossing” theme, one of the first reactions we got from the community was “Do these even exist in Lebanon?” (they do). Whether all drivers know what they’re there for though is certainly up for debate.

This theme was an opportunity to not only find zebra crossings around you, but to also explore the visual impact they could add to your photographs. There’s an automatic contrast created with any subject interacting with these bold, parallel lines.

Check out the full album of entries received from the community with plenty of impactful shots.

One of our favorites was also one of the simplest:

Photo by Enrico Markus Essl

Photo by Enrico Markus Essl

The zebra crossing in Enrico’s shot is the backdrop that creates an almost musical progression with the people walking across it. The shot is far from static and the motion in each subject gives life to the fixed lines on the street. This shot captures the essence of a zebra crossing and could be a shot taken practically anywhere across the world.

Congrats Enrico!

Share your thought about this shot with us in the comments section below!

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