Discover Mar Mikhael – Street Photography Contest

Car-Free Mar Mikhael

What does Mar Mikhael mean to you? How would you represent it in a street photograph? Here’s your chance to show us and the inhabitants of this dynamic neighborhood!

BSP will be showcasing street photographs from the community at the upcoming Discover Mar Mikhael Car-Free Day organized by Achrafieh 20/20 (who held a similar event back in September that we also took part in). Get a better idea of what last year’s car-free event was like and all the fun we had at our on-street exhibition here.

You have the chance to showcase some of your photographs by taking part in our contest. The top photographs submitted will then be exhibited all day for hundreds of passerbys to see and get a taste of the city through your lens on Sunday April 7th.

Photographs submitted must fit within one of these themes:

Show us the contrasts within Mar Mikhael between “Old vs New” or “Day vs Night”. With the big growth of Mar Mikhael within the recent few years, this neighborhood is witnessing many changes while trying to hang on to its origins before development gets the better of it. Nightlife is booming yet the area has just as bustling (if not more) daylife. Show these different contrasts with us. Feel free to show us others too.

Introduce us to the characters that make up Mar Mikhael such as some of the residents or shopkeepers. Try to get a little bit of their story too (their name, what they do, etc) and share it with us when you submit your shot. Look for unique people that you feel represent Mar Mikhael and take candid shots of them. Capture them in their natural environment, unstaged.

What makes Mar Mikhael unique for you? What’s something you’d find here but no where else? Capture it in an awesome street photograph and submit it to us!

Car-free event in Achrafieh - September 2012

Car-free event in Achrafieh – September 2012

Please follow these rules carefully to ensure we include your photograph in case it is selected:

  1. Photograph MUST be taken exclusively in Mar Mikhael and must be street photography genre – so nothing staged or posed.
  2. Maximum of 3 entries per person permitted for the contest. They can all be from one of the themes listed above or vary among the themes but each should be clearly entered into one theme.
  3. Photographs must be sent to us in high-resolution. In case your photograph is chosen, we will need to print it right away.
  4. Dimension of photograph: 29.7 cm x 42 cm (A3) at 300 dpi. It can be landscape or portrait.
  5. NO WATERMARKS whatsoever. Photographs with watermarks will be automatically disqualified no matter how nice the shot is. We will include as part of the exhibition the photographers’ credit directly under his/her photograph and your name will be mentioned in the flyers we will be distributing that day.
  6. Only your best shots please! We want to show photographs that reflect Mar Mikhael in a creative and different way. We recommend trying to take the photos during the contest period (this week) but it’s also ok to submit photographs taken previously in Mar Mikhael.


Email your photograph(s) submissions to us at:

Include in your email:

  1. “Mar Mikhael Photo Contest – [INSERT THEME YOU CHOSE}” in the subject of the email. For example: “Mar Mikhael Photo Contest – CONTRASTS” or “Mar Mikhael Photo Contest – THE PEOPLE” etc.
  2. Your full name as you’d like us to include it in the credits
  3. OPTIONAL Title of the shot
  4. OPTIONAL The approximate location of where the shot was taken in Mar Mikhael
  5. OPTIONAL Short description if there’s something interesting to share about the shot.
  6. The photograph attached in high-resolution JPEG format.
  7. Name your photograph as follows “YOUR NAME – THEME”. For example, the filename would go as follows: JohnSmith-Contrasts.jpg


Email us your submission(s) to with the above details by 10PM on WEDNESDAY APRIL 3. Entries submitted after this time will not be considered so submit as soon as you have the chance in advance.


In case you are chosen among the top photographs selected, we will contact you and your entry will be exhibited at DISCOVER MAR MIKHAEL full-day street festival on Sunday April 7th in a special BSP section.

We will handle printing and exhibiting of your photographs which will be displayed in elegant black frames. Your name and the title of the piece will be included by your photograph.

Don’t miss this chance to show off your work at an interesting “street” event and meet other photographers taking part!

Discover Achrafieh 2012-5381
A special thanks to the Achrafieh 20/20 and UrbanArt team for inviting us to participate in this unique event and for their support of our work.


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