Street Photo of the Week #82

On the occasion of Mothers’ day, the Beirut Street Photographers received a high number of beautiful entries, portraying the different aspects of motherhood.

However, one photograph stood out of the batch; it made each one of us admire it with awe. This photograph, submitted by Mounir Mroue, was taken in Nepal in September 2012.

Motherhood, by Mounir Mroue

Motherhood, by Mounir Mroue

During BSP’s trip to this very endearing country, the photographers caught sight of many mothers taking care of their children, loving them, feeding them, combing their hair before going to school, holding them in their arms, soothing them and making them smile when they cry. Many women, including the one portrayed in this black and white photograph, were breastfeeding their children in the middle of the streets, oblivious to tourists’ curiosity and to photographers’ lenses.

When we look at Mounir’s photograph, we can’t help but wonder what was this mother feeling or thinking when the camera caught this specific instant and immortalized her facial expressions. Was she worried, suffering, secretly begging for a different life? What these helpless eyes were trying to say?

What the viewer can’t see is explained by the photographer himself: “We were walking in the streets of Kathmandu and passed by a temple that was being renovated. I saw this group of workers, men and women sweating under the summer sun. One of the women suddenly stopped working; she turned around, sat next to her child and started breastfeeding him. It deeply shook me, and as I was contemplating this scene, I felt how much respect I had for this hard working mother”.

This shot was taken in a very emotional moment, representing the most instinctive act and the most loving sacrifice. That would explain why we can’t take our eyes off this mother’s beautiful face.


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