Street Photo of the Week #83

As part of our desire to challenge the BSP community, we suggested around a week ago the theme “In the Distance”.

The word distance has a different meaning for each of us, inducing different perceptions of photographic concepts such as focal distance, perspective, depth of field, etc.

While many street photographers recommend getting close to the subject, shooting from a certain distance might reveal very interesting results, luring the eye of the viewer and creating surreal images. This becomes specifically true when the theme distance is combined to another essential element in a photographic composition: shadows.

The photo of Stefano Mirabella is the perfect example of the juxtaposition of distance and shadows:

By Stefano Mirabella

Photo by Stefano Mirabella

Half-human, half-shadow: the subject of the photo is not the tiny head whose body is hidden by the white wall. It is rather the dark huge silhouette that completes the man’s head in a surreal way. Had the photographer changed his position and taken the photograph from a different angle – closer or even farther – the result would have been completely different and probably disappointing. Instead, Stefano chose the right moment and the right distance to freeze this unique moment, capture this destructured shape and give our imagination enough space to go wild.

For some reason, each time I see this photo, I can’t help imagining an old Sherlock Holmes reminiscing his youth. What do you see?


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