A Souvenir from Nepal’s Streets: Karim Sakr

Text by Karim Sakr

Nepal is what I call “New York’s Antagonist”: it is a third world poverty-stricken Asian country with a lot of Indian influence, small muddy alleyways, chaotic rush hours (bikes and tuc-tucs), little markets where you can find anything imaginable from food to electronics, hash sellers, beggars, lots of yummy and strange smells, spicy food, divine landscapes and more.

In such an environment, street photography represented a stress-free excuse for me to get lost while discovering and learning Nepali traditions, history and religion through my camera’s viewfinder.

It is a truly challenging playground for street photographers.

Photo by Karim Sakr

Photo by Karim Sakr

This is a photo I took my time to shoot.

I spotted this lemon seller and started observing him. He spent 10 minutes organizing his “little modest lemon store”, tending to its tiny details that rarely anyone takes notice of in Nepal, such as symmetry, quantity, colors and neatness. Yet he was enjoying the setup.

A rewarding smile came out of his toothless mouth seconds later.

What’s so special about this photo is that it illustrates the Nepali street spirit: a 24/7 positive attitude no matter how bad or deteriorated the situation might be. What makes it so special to me, and in disagreement with the previous statement, is that we, as Lebanese, are used to complaining whatever the situation is!

Karim is one of the 17 photographers who went on BSP’s Nepal photo-trip in August 2012. This capture is only one among the many unique and stunning street photographs taken during that trip that will be showcased in our upcoming exhibition on June 11th and 12th at the UNESCO Palace.

Keep posted for more information about the exhibition: Street Kabita: Collective Photography Exhibition


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