A Souvenir from Nepal’s Streets: Emilie Houwat

Text by Emilie Houwat

I personally cannot differentiate between street photography, the kindness of the Nepali people, the places I have been to and the friendships that came along.

The whole package is what made the Nepali experience unforgettable and life-changing.

However, what attracted me the most was the colors, the strong light/dark contrasts and the narrow crowded streets of Ason market in Kathmandu. I got to go there more than once, but, unluckily, one’s camera can sometimes become a form of distraction.

Knowing that I left my heart in Nepal, if I ever go back there again, I will make sure to capture every single essence and color of the country and its beautiful people.

Photo by Emilie Houwat

Photo by Emilie Houwat

I usually try to detach myself from my photos, so there is no specific story to the one I have chosen here. However, it has taught me that a photograph does not necessarily need to be sharp.

In this case, there was a rickshaw between me and the subject. I could not get as close as I normally tend to get. I took a couple of shots thinking that they were sharp – but it was not really the case after checking them out on my computer.

Probably the blurriness is what made it one of my favorites giving it this mysterious feeling.

Emilie is one of the 17 photographers who went on BSP’s Nepal photo-trip in August 2012. This capture is only one among the many unique and stunning street photographs taken during that trip that will be showcased in our upcoming exhibition on June 11th and 12th at the UNESCO Palace. 

Keep posted for more information about the exhibition: Street Kabita: Collective Photography Exhibition

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