A Souvenir from Nepal’s Streets: Roi Saade

Text by Roi Saade

My trip to Nepal changed my perspective towards street photography. I can proudly say that during this trip, I shot my first truly “decisive moment” photographs.

It’s when you expose yourself to a new playground, when you let yourself go with the vibe and embrace the culture that you shoot your best virtuous photos.

Between the hustle and bustle, the diversity of people, the peace of mind and meditation, I had the chance to live it all and experience a very unique street life.

"Feed your spirit" by Roi Saade

“Feed your spirit” by Roi Saade

In Thamel market, I walked into a courtyard and suddenly there was an absolute silence: temples surrounding the courtyard, some people practicing their rituals other meditating, monks praying..

What grabbed my attention the most was the people who were constantly approaching the birds and feeding them like it was part of their everyday routine.

Roi is one of the 17 photographers who went on BSP’s Nepal photo-trip in August 2012. This capture is only one among the many unique and stunning street photographs taken during that trip that will be showcased in our upcoming exhibition on June 11th and 12th at the UNESCO Palace. 

Keep posted for more information about the exhibition: Street Kabita: Collective Photography Exhibition

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