A Souvenir from Nepal’s Streets: Lara Abou Malhab

Text by Lara Abou Malhab

As a “novice” [street photographer], the BSP trip to Nepal was the ultimate experience. Being an abundant and rich country with cultural heritage, Nepal offers you the best frames and photos to feast your eyes on.

With a small, pink point-and-shoot, and no street photography background, I discovered Kathmandu. Walking down its narrow streets and overwhelmed by the smells and vibrant colours, one can’t miss the opportunity of capturing amazing photos.

It was a turning point in my life. I have always had a keen interest in photography, but had never experienced SP genre and I got especially attached to it during this trip.

Photo by Lara Abou Malhab

Photo by Lara Abou Malhab

Somewhere at the end of Patan Durbar square, I came across a bunch of kids enjoying a day at the temple pool.

Watching them jumping and swimming was a delight after a long day walking in Lalitpur city.

I was lucky enough to capture the moment before the boy standing on the high Lion statue fearlessly jumped into the pool.

Lara is one of the 17 photographers who went on BSP’s Nepal photo-trip in August 2012. This capture is only one among the many unique and stunning street photographs taken during that trip that will be showcased in our upcoming exhibition on June 11th and 12th at the UNESCO Palace. 

More information about the exhibition: Street Kabita: Collective Photography Exhibition

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