A Souvenir from Nepal’s Streets: Fadi BouKaram

Text by Fadi BouKaram

Going to Nepal my main concern was whether I’d be able to take Street photographs as opposed to Travel photographs. The difference wasn’t always that clear, but there was always a question I had to ask myself:

Would I take this picture back home? Meaning, am I drawn to a scene because of its moment, or was I attracted by its “exotic” setting?

To me, the former is of value and the latter is not. But simply because I asked the question doesn’t mean the answer was an easy one to find.


Photo by Fadi BouKaram 

I’ve always had an interest in scenes of controlled chaos and Kathmandu had plenty to offer. However, this shot’s story is more memorable to me than other ones.

After a long unfruitful day of shooting, some of the other travelers wanted to shop for clothes at a certain store and I tagged along not wanting to go back to the hotel. Shopping being my least favorite activity, I waited by the window of the second-story store while the others were browsing or in the fitting room.

I saw all the power lines on the street, the road dividers, the line of scooters at the curb, and the flurry of people passing by, so I just stood there and waited for a geometric formation that could offset the busyness of the setting.

Luckily my fellow travelers took their sweet time and after about half an hour of waiting plastered by that window, I got this shot.

Fadi is one of the 17 photographers who went on BSP’s Nepal photo-trip in August 2012. This capture is only one among the many unique and stunning street photographs taken during that trip that will be showcased in our upcoming exhibition on June 11th and 12th at the UNESCO Palace. 

More information about the exhibition: Street Kabita: Collective Photography Exhibition

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