Street Photo of the Week #87

Ok, so the overused expression is “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but does the same apply for judging it by its title? 

Some may argue that “yes”, a title is somewhat arbitrary and doesn’t always do justice for the true content of the book’s pages. Others may believe in the contrary, that “no” a title is the first clue a reader gets into the book’s writing style, theme and hence the thinking of its author so it can give us one of the first clues we need in deciding whether we want to take our relationship with that book any further.

Titles may be used as a mere marketing tool for a current hot-list book that you’ll probably forget in a few months, they may be a witty use of word play (hello “50 Shades of Grey”), they may be straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense as the writer may be and perceive their target audience to be (think autobiographies, most self-help books and historic novels) or they may simply make no sense (intentionally or not) but then you’ll have that “ah-a” moment when it finally clicks while deep into reading.

“A Book Title” was one of our more interesting themes as the challenge was not only matching a photograph to that title but imagining a whole book tied to those very words. A helpful tip we shared with the community and used in evaluating the entries for the theme was “Would this photograph work as the book cover of the title?”.  Check the full album of entries and we invite you to envision for yourself which photograph matches the title best.

One of the most spot-on entries shared that week that not only captured that essence but also left us imagining beyond the title, which was “The Observer” was the following shot by Enrico:

Photo by Enrico Markus Essl

“The Observer” by Enrico Markus Essl

The mystery and positioning of the main subject with regards to the eyes in the background heighten the drama of the moment. Although we would have loved to see the left pupil of the staring eyes, it doesn’t take away from the impactful message this capture leaves you with. Who’s watching who in this moment? Is it “Big Brother” watching our every move without us realizing it or something beyond even that?

We’ll leave you to your own interpretations and please share your comments with us below.

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