Beirut Street Photographers (BSP) has been featured and/or involved in the following:




  • November 23: Interview with NowLebanon The Better Side of Photography
  • November 9: Interview on LBC’s Helwi Beirut TV Show (watch)
  • November 7: Interview on LBC’s Helwi Beirut TV Show (watch)
  • August 22: Interview with NowLebanonBeirut Street Photographers: United We Shoot
  • August 18: Interview in An-Nahar Newspaper (link)
  • July 27: Members of BSP Admin team lead “Introduction to Street Photography” Workshop at Hibr’s AltMedia Experience (link)
  • July 13: BSP take part in Photography Discussion at Lara Zankoul’s Roof 68’s “Wide Angle Discussion”
  • July 6: Interview on MTV’s “Men el Ekher” TV Show (watch)
  • June 18: Interview on Voix Du Liban (VDL) 93.3 FM – “برلمان الشباب” Radio Show
  • May 31: Interview on LBC’s Helwi w Murra TV Show (watch)

2 responses to “Publi-City

  1. hello:
    this link is not working..
    “August 18, 2011: An-Nahar Newspaper – Feature (Read here)”

  2. Umm.. guess it got removed from An-Nahar’s online database. We’ll try to put a scanned edition of the interview up here soon for anyone interested in reading it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Simon 🙂

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