Street Photographer’s Code

As the BSP community continues to grow with increasing talent and new faces, it’s also important that everyone knows what we’re about to avoid any conflicts (both within the group and while shooting). Take a few minutes to read the following guidelines:

1. Be respectful of the people you photograph and be ready to delete the photos if anyone is seriously bothered. Also, if you promise to give someone a copy of their photo, keep your word otherwise they won’t trust the next time a photographer takes their photo.

2. Don’t shoot military men, tanks or bases. Same for policemen on duty, embassies and restricted areas. We’re there to shoot, not get shot.

3. Be respectful towards fellow photographers and approach any comments towards their photos constructively. We’re all constantly learning about photography and how to improve our skills, so be gentle with how you critique.

4. No political, racist, religious or potential offensive content to be posted on BSP facebook page, Flickr or blog. Let’s keep this group about great street photography and not offend anyone.

5. No spamming BSP’s pages with promotion for non-photography related content. We will delete those posts so you’ll know why in advance if your post disappears.

6. As a street photography group, photographs posted on our page and Flickr should reflect that. Staged set-ups and more professional studio photography to be posted elsewhere (no matter how awesome it is).

7. Street Photos of the Week (SPOW) will be selected from the photos posted on BSP’s facebook wall that week. The winner may be selected based on top votes, but that is not the main criteria as some photos merit the title even if they didn’t receive the most votes. The selection is made based on theme relevance, composition and how it fits in the street photography genre most of all.

8. Get involved. We always want to hear your feedback and suggestions for how to improve BSP. Everyone’s advice makes a difference and will help us keep getting better.

Thank you for keeping these points in mind. Happy shooting 🙂

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